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Lost Your Compass?

  • Useful maps

    For a successful arrival and stay in Iaşi, please consult the following maps:

    • Paths from Iaşi railway station to ISPDC event area ("A.I.Cuza" University campus): small map (22K) and big map (120K)

    • City of Iasi (central and university area, including recommended restaurants - see below): small map (18K) and big map (44K)

    • ISPDC event area ("A.I.Cuza" University main building - opening ceremony, FCS building - technical presentations, coffee-breaks and Internet facilities, C17 hostel - accomodation): map (10K)

  • ISPDC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



    • Can you tell me the address of the location where
      the ISPDC event will be held?

      The ISPDC symposium opening ceremony will be held in the main university building, namely "A.I.Cuza" University, 11 Copou Street, Iasi. This building is located at 10-15 minutes walk from the downtown, and 10-15 minutes walk from the main railway station. "A.I.Cuza" University is the oldest Romanian modern university, and everybody in Iasi will be able to show you the way (there exist about 7-10 other universities in Iasi; therefore the name Cuza is important - Cuza is pronounced like "coosa", with s like in "Japanese"). The ISPDC technical presentations, coffee-breaks and Internet facilities will be held in the FCS building (also called C building) - 1 minute walk from the main university building.

      The main accommodation place is the University Hotel, located in Codrescu University Campus (C17), Codrescu Street, within walking distance from the ISPDC venue. See this map, also.

    • How about Romanian climate?

      The Romanian lowlands have hotter summers and occasionally experience periods of severe cold in winter; recorded extremes in Bucharest and the lowlands are 38.9 C (102 F) and -23.9 C (-11 F). Rainfall averages 508 mm (20 in) on the plains and from 508 mm to 1,016 mm (20 in to 40 in) on the mountains and is concentrated in the warmer half of the year. In July-August, the temperature is 10-20 C (in the night) and 23-35 C (in the middle of the day).

    • I need to know the address and phone number of the University Hotel to put on the visa application form.

      The address is:

      A.I.Cuza University Campus,
      Codrescu C17,
      6600 Iasi, Romania
      fax: 40 32 201201

    • Any contact phone numbers?

      You can contact the local organizing committee at +40 232 201 531, from Monday to Friday between 9:00 - 12:00 (local time) (contact persons: Mihaela Brut or Ştefan Tanasă), and any time at +40 745 604 929 (contact person: Radu Negrescu), or +40 723 641 432 (contact person: Ştefan Tanasă).

      If your problem cannot be solved by ISPDC local organizing committee, you can contact Prof. Dan Grigoraş at +40 744 149 681.

    • Can I pay by credit card (e.g., VISA) or should I bring Euro/USD along with me?

      Credit cards are not very common here. However you can use them by going to a bank, where you can use an ATM for getting directly Lei (ROL). Our advice is to have Euro/USD with you, cash. There are many exchange offices and an ISPDC organizing committee member can assist you to reach one of them. You can have also other currency, but the exchange rate is better for Euro or USD.

    • Can you list some recommended restaurants?

      There are some interesting locations (see this map, also), we recommend:

      • Monte Carlo Restaurant - located in a house full of history, 3 minutes walk from UAIC main building. Great personalities inhabited this 149 years old house: Vasile Pogor, a well-known name in Romanian literature, who sold this house in 1897 to another great man, Petru Poni. Daily programme: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (50 places)

      • Junimea Club Restaurant - The main attraction of this restaurant is, without any doubt, the catacombs. History was written in this catacombs, used as hiding place by Romanian nobles from the 17th century, as shelter by the members of Junimea (Maiorescu, Eminescu, Pogor, etc.), or as ammunition repository by the Soviet Military Command.

        The Junimea Club Restaurant represents an unconventional way to fund the restauration of the Romanian Literature Museum. It offers a pleasant atmosphere, both inside and outside, with traditional Romanian cuisine and international cuisine. Daily programme: 10:00 AM - 2:00 AM (50 places - catacombs or summer garden)

      • EXPO Restaurant - situated less than 1500 meters from UAIC, in the pleasant surroundings of the Botanical Garden, in Exhibition Park, integrates perfectly in the select atmosphere of the residential zone, as well as in the refreshing natural area of the dendrological park.

        The large variety of culinary preparations from traditional Romanian cuisine and international cuisine, offered "a la carte" with hospitality in the intimate, air conditioned saloon or in the summer garden, suplemented by various beverages, contribute to the creation of a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Daily programme: 10:00 AM - 1:00 AM (50 places - saloon or summer garden)

      • RS Club - situated in central Iasi, a first class restaurant, offering culinary preparations from the Romanian, Greek and Mexican cuisines. Daily programme: 8:00 AM - 2:00 AM (120 places - saloon or summer garden)

International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing
Iaşi, Romania
July 17-20, 2002

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