2nd International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing 2003  
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    1 T. Hagras, J. Janecek, A Simple Scheduling Heuristic for Heterogeneous Computing Environments

    2 I. K. Savvas, T. Kechadi, On the Load Distribution and Performance of Meta-Computing Platforms

    3 O. San José, L. M. Suárez, E. Huedo, R. S. Montero, I. M. Llorente, Resource Performance Management on Computational Grids

    4 N. Fujimoto, K. Hagihara, Near-Optimal Dynamic Task Scheduling of Precedence Constrained Coarse-Grained Tasks onto a Computational Grid

    5 M. Nour, S. Shaheen, G. F. El-Kabbany, N. Hegazy, Proposal of An Analytical Solution for The Load Imbalance Problem in Parallel Systems

    6 L. Masko, Atomic Operations for Task Scheduling for Systems Based on Communication On--The--Fly Between SMP Clusters

    7 P. Bulic, V. Gustin, Data Dependence Analysis for Intra-Registar Vectorization

    8 M. Tudruj, L. Masko, Dynamic SMP Clusters with Communication on the Fly

    9 J. Haubert, B. Sadeg and L. Amanton, ESCC: a New Deadline-driven Extension of the SCC Protocol

    10 S. Park, Y. Kim, S. R. Maeng, Lightweight Logging and Recovery for Distributed Shared Memory over Virtual Interface Architecture

    11 N-S. Park, T-G. Kang, H. Kim, H-S. Ham, S-I. Jin, A Lost Invalidation Checking Scheme for Transaction Consistency in Mobile Environments

    12 H. H. Mohamed, D. H. J. Epema, A Prototype for Processor and Data Co-allocation in Multiclusters

    13 M. Niinimaki, J. White, J. Herrala, Executing and Visualizing High Energy Physics Simulations with Grid Technologies

    14 M. Sterk, R. Trobec, Parallel Performances of a Multigrid Poisson Solver

    15 P. van der Mark, L. Wolters, G. Cats, Code Generation for Semi-Lagranigan Formulations

    16 C. Akcadogan, H. Dag, A Parallel Implementationof Chebyshev Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Method

    17 D. R. Swanson. H. Jiang, J. V. Sumanth, Performance and Cost Effectiveness of a Cluster of Workstations and MD-GRAPE 2 for MD Simulations

    18 R. Y. S. Kawasaki, L. A. H. G. de Oliveira, C. R. L. Francês, M. M. Coutinho, D. L. Cardoso, A. Santana, Towards the Parallel Computing Based on Quality of Service

    19 H. R. Zarandi, S. G. Miremadi, A. Ejlali, Fault Injection into Verilog Models for Dependability Evaluation of Digital Systems

    20 C. Huang, Z. Wu, G. Z. Zheng, A Negotiation Protocol for Database Resource Binding

    21 G. Folino, A. Forestiero, G. Spezzano, Swarming Agents for Discovering Clusters in Spatial Data

    22 A. Climent, J. M. Muixi, M. Bertrand, F. Babot, Performance Analysis of Speculative Concurrency Control Algorithms Based on Wait Depth Limited for Distributed Database Systems

    23 W. Yu, X. Liu, Agent Based Dynamic Recovery Protocol in Distributed Databases

    24 F. Guidec, Y. Mahéo, L. Courtrai, A Java Middleware Platform for Resource-Aware Distributed Applications

    25 F. Greve, M. Hurfin, J-P. Le Narzul, OPEN EDEN: a Portable Fault Tolerant CORBA Architecture

    26 J. P. Morrison, P. D. Healey, P. J. O'Dowd, Architecture and Implementation of a Distributed Reconfigurable Metacomputer

    27 S. Buraga, P. Gabureanu, A Distributed Platform based on Web Services for Multimedia Resource Discovery

    28 J. P. Morrison, B. Clayton, A. Patil, S. John, The Information Gathering Module of the WebCom-G Operating System

    29 T-G. Kang, K-M. Sohn, I-C. Jeong, Design of Connection Management Module for MOM

    30 D. Petcu, Parallel Explicit-State Reachability Analysis and State Space Construction

    31 T. Bernard, A. Bui, M. Bui, D. Sohier, A New Method to Automatically Compute Processing Times for Random Walks Based Distributed Algorithms

    32 T-A. Nguyen, P. Kuonen, A Parallel Framework for Solving Time Constraint Problems in Heterogeneous Distributed Environment

    33 C. Badica, A. Badica, V. Litoiu, Role Activity Diagrams as Finite State Processes

    34 M. Scalem, M. Majumdar, A. P. Vashishth, An Efficient Reasoning Algorithm in Belief Systems

    35 T. Kosar, G. Kola, M. Livny, A Framework for Self-Optimising, Fault-tolerant, High Performance Bulk Data Transfers in a Heterogeneous Grid Environment

    36 J. Borowski, M. Tudruj, D. Kopanski, Graphical Design Tool for Parallel Programs with Execution Control Based on Global Application States

    37 P. Padala, C. Harrison, N. Pelfort, E. Jansen, M. P. Frank and C. Chokkareddy, OCEAN: The Open Computation Exchange and Arbitration Network, A Market Approach to Meta computing

    38 T. Okuwa, W. Chen, K. Wada, An Optimal Algorithm of Acknowledged Broadcasting in Ad Hoc Radio Networks

    39 L. Alboaie, S. Buraga, S. Alboaie, tuBiG -- A Layered Infrastructure to Provide Support for Grid Functionalities

    40 C. Bastoul, Efficient Code Generation for Automatic Parallelization and Optimization

    41 S. Uhrig, T. Ungerer, Hardware-based Power Management for Real-Time Applications

    42 H. Senger, L. Sato, A Load Distribution Strategy for Non-Dedicated Clusters of Heterogeneous Computers

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